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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 29, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. captured. the three-week-long manhunt for the escaped killers coming to an end. >> the nightmare is finally over. >> david sweat shot twice. take to be the hospital in critical condition. brand-new images showing the takedown. what the killers did to throw help off their scent. and we hear how the hero cop tracked him. erupting overnight. a fast-moving wildfire. forcing thousands to flee in an instant. the fire combining with propane tangs. as triple-difficult temperatures and strong winds fuel the flames. danger in the water. >> caller's saying someone's been bitten by a shark. >> an 18-year-old recovering from life-threatening shark
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bites. new video shows how many sharks are lurking close to shore. ♪ ♪ rhythm nation ♪ you better believe janet jackson is back. the superstar singer stealing the spot light without singing a note at the b.e.t. awards. plus diddy fall? the hip hop star taking a tumble inside of horrified fans. all the busiest moments of the night, all this morning. and we do say good morning, america. we say good morning to george and amy. wonderful to have you back. >> great to be back. >> did you have restful vacations? >> ye. but a busy monday morning. beginning with the escaped killers. the massive manhunt finally over after more than three weeks. >> these new images show david sweat right after he was shot being arrested, two days after richard matt was killed.
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sweat was caught in constable, new york, just a mightle and half from the canadian board. linzie linzie janis is on the scene. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, robin. a lot of people slept better last night than they have in weeks. thanks to a state trooper who shot sweat down right here on this farm. he came across him on the road, chased him across this field, shooting him before he could escape into the thick forest. overnight, the three-week-long manhunt finally coming to an end. >> took22 days. but we can now confirm rngs as of two days ago, mr. matt is deceased. and the other escapee, mr. sweat is in custody. >> reporter: spotting the killer a mile and half from the canadian border. chasing him on foot. before shooting him twice in the
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torso. >> e he spotted a male who was jogging. he recognized him to be david sweat. sweat turned and fled on foot. he realized sweat would make it to a tree line. he fired two shots from his service weapon. is there there's a bunch of officers standing up there. >> reporter: this man watching it all play out. >> he was just about at the tree line. if he would have gotten to the tree line they probably wouldn't have got him. >> i said to sergeant cook go home tonight and tell your daughters you're a hero. >> reporter: sweat taken to a local hospital. now in critical condition in an albany hospital. law enforcement celebrating their hard-won victory. the net closing in on sweat 48 hours after his partner in crime, and fellow murderer richard matt was shot and killed bay border agent. the two men captured by this hunting trail cam last week.
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officers finding sweat's dna on food less than a mile from where matt wept down. >> we got one guy down. >> yeah! >> reporter: matt making a fatal mistake friday afternoon, attempting to car-jack a couple driving by. >> they drove on about eight miles miles. realized there was a bullet hole through the back of the camper. >> reporter: police following the shot deep into the woods. one of them spotting matt after he coughed. shooting the double murderer several times when he refused to surrender. he was armed with a 20-gauge shotgun when he was killed. sweat was unarmed. the two men stuck together for a period of time after their brazen escape and then split up. robin? >> a huge sigh of relief that that's over. to the wildfire if washington state. already skornling more than 1800 acres. growing fast. destroying homes. forcing thousands to evacuate. neal karlinsky son the front
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lines this morning. good morning, neal. >> reporter: george good morning. they're dealing with a fire emergency. the flames lighting up the hillsides. that is one of several large hot spots we found as we were driving in a short time ago. overnight, this fast-moving wildfire forcing thousands from their homes in washington state. >> zero percent contained at this time. public safety is the number one concern. >> reporter: the huge blaze destroying close to a dozen homes so far. dozens more still in jeopardy this morning. >> the houses over there are tretenned. it already burned one barn. >> reporter: the grass fire starting sunday afternoon. but triple-digit temperatures and strong winds pushed it into residential areas. the wall of flames swallowing home as it grew. >> it went straight up the hill behind our house.
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>> reporter: helicopters dropping water earlier in the day. they had to stop as night fell. the blaze growing to more than 1800 acres. moving all the way into the downtown area of wenatchee, washington setting local businesses ablaze. at this plant the flames mixing with propane tanks creating dangerous explosions and forcing firefighters back. officials declaring a level three evacuation. the most dangerous. and going door to door. >> not much they can do. look at how much it's flaming up right now. it's just incredible. >> reporter: they still don't have an exact assessment of how many homes and structures have been lost so far. the good news is the strong winds have died down for now. the bad news is that they're expecting more scorching hot temperatures later today, robin? >> it's bad news. neal, thank you. lightning strikes across the country. over the weekend, more than a dozen people were struck by lightning on a colorado mountain on sunday.
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abc's clayton sandell is there this morning with the latest. good morning, clayton. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this is the road to mount beer stat here in colorado. it's extremely popular are hirks. but with a summit of more than 14,000 feet it's also extremely dangerous when lightning strikes. dangerous lightning. [ horning honking ] sounding alarms nationwide. >> we're on the top of mt. bierstadt. >> reporter: five people taken to 4079s. one kritly ing juried. >> it was like trying to guess where the lightning would be next. >> some of them were knocked unkushs forun unconscious for awhile. >> reporter: this man survived the second time being struck by lightning. in south carolina, saturday. >> they just did have a lightning strike on the field. >> reporter: one woman is still
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alive, struck by lightning on this tarmac as she exited her plane. 300 people in the u.s. have died in lightning strikes over the last decade. the latest an arizona hiker losing her life saturday after being caught in a ling anything storm. >> back in st. louis, the rain delay continues. severe weather in the area. >> reporter: this morning, the e severe weather now moving east in missouri overnight, tornado warnings forcing baseball fans to take shelter in st. louis. the storms bringing heavy winds and dangerous flash flooding. three inches of rain falling in ohio. trees crushing cars in massachusetts. >> it has been very trying all week long. >> reporter: here in colorado, the sheriff says everyone struck by lightning here is lucky to be alive. >> 25 reported tornadoes over the weekend. more storms this norng? >> one of them in north dakota over the weekend. it's roping out. that usually means it's dying.
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there are more shots at seeing isolated tornadoes today. cincinnati to lexington, after we destabilize again, we'll have a pocket many minneapolis, almost to duluth with the large hail possible as well. the record heat. neal alluded to it. not just record daily temperatures. the hottest june temperatures ever for these cities in washington state. not going anywhere. red flag warnings. 106 redding. the next couple of days, they might have a slight break into the 90s. a lot of folks ends up in the 100s by the end of the week. it's not going anywhere. >> we turn now to the crisis that has stock markets tumbling around the world. greece's fm system is on the brink of collapse. its banks and stock markets shut down. it's causing a ripple effect. rebecca jarvis here to break it down. u.s. markets feeling the pressure? >> reporter: very much so. here in the united states the dow is set to open at least 200
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points lower. it's all because of this. take a look at some of these pictures. greeks have been lining up at banks trying to get their money out. told that the banks won't reopen for at least six days. many atms in greece have been completely emptied of cash. and now the greek government says the most any person can withdraw from their account is $67 a day. the country is about to run out of money. and is on the verge of a financial meltdown george. >> at the same time u.s. markets feeling the pressure from puerto rico. they can't pay their bills. >> reporter: their governor calling ate deathcall ing it a death spiral. the economy there is in ruin. more and more puerto ricans are coming to the mainland united states. that will not help the problem. >> amazing how small place affect the entire world. to the heightened terror concerns heading into the
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holiday weekend. potential attacks being warn fpd fears elevated after the attacks on friday. pierre thomas has the latest. he joins us from washington. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. those attacks overseas have caught the attention of u.s. law enforcement enforcement. the attack on the company in france. the massacre at the beach prezort in tunisia. the tunisia take was extremely vicious. the gunman strolling, executing tourists as he went. some of it caught on tape. isis is on the minds of fbi and homeland security officials who issued a joint bulletin over the weekend. the concern is isis mounted an unprecedented social media campaign. urging mass murder, robin. >> but, pierre have they identified specific threats here in the u.s.? >> reporter: no. no specific threat has been
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identified. it's not upnusual to see such bulletins before the holidays. there's a sense of urgency. this week, the nation's police will be ultra aggressive. expect high security for the big fourth of july celebrations. >> they're enkourmcouraging us to remain vigilant. the unmanned ship was set to deliver food and supplied to the space station. the failure could put future missions at risk. david kerley has the latest from washington. >> reporter: good morning, george. not since the 1960 side have we seen three missions in a row connected to the american space program fail. this third failure could mean a delay in sending additional astronauts and raises the possibility of evacuating the space station for the first time ever if supplied don't arrive. the third attempt to lift two up thes of supplies was the job for
7:13 am
spacex. >> vehicle on course on track. >> reporter: a little more than two minutes into the launch something goes terribly wrong. the entire rocket and cargo explodes. >> we appear to have had a launch vehicle failure. >> reporter: in the fiery debris a long list of essential supplies most importantly, food. a replacement space suit. science projects and computers. among the three men waiting in the space station, american scott kelly, hoping to spend a year in space. he tweeted, space is hard. spacex the private company owned by elon musk has said little. he tweeted there was an overpressure in the lid wick oxygen tank. a russian cargo ship got to space but spun out of control in october. with privatization, nasa expected some failures. but -- >> i didn't think we would lose
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them all in a one-year time frame. but we have. >> reporter: additional failures may mean nasa could have to consider evacuating the space station for the first time ever. elon musk tweeted a bit ago they still don't know what caused the explosion. another russian launch is set for this thursday. another mission is planned for august. still a chance to get the needed supplies up to the astronauts and cosmonauts. let's go to amy with the morning's other top stories. >> the private plane fell from the sky in a quiet neighborhood south of boston. it slammed into a house and set it on fire while the family was inside. the three people on the plane were killed. the couple and two children in the home escaped in time. the pilot had just reported engine trouble. gay pride was on full display across the country. millions of people turned out for parades sunday from new york
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to san francisco waving rainbow flags in celebration of marriage equality. social conservatives say the fight is not over. mike huckabee told george on "this week" some christians may respond to the ruling with civil disobedience. another fup funeral today for a victim of the charleston church shooting. yesterday, vice president joe biden made a surprise visit there. he said he came to draw strength from the congregation after the loss of his own son a month ago. it's only monday. but we figure tomorrow is so unique. earth's e rotation is slowing down so a leap second is being added. that means tomorrow will be one second longer. how the fill that second? here are a few suggestions we found on line. you could say mississippi three times. >> i think once. >> all right. >> one mississippi. >> you could do one more situp. or you could take two extra
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steps on the treadmill. >> no thanks. >> or how about this? one second more sleep. >> oh yeah. good morning, america. >> that gets my vote. ding ding ding. >> further proof that every second counts. thank you, amy. special night last night. >> it was so fun to watch. good morning, everybody. let's get to the b.e.t. awards. the star-studded show celebrated miss janet jackson. ♪ >> reporter: she stole is the show without singing a note. in the evening's most anticipated moment janet jackson honored with the ultimate icon award. and a dance tribute at the b.e.t. awards. >> my shaert so full. >> reporter: jackson appearing for the first time at the show since 2009 marking the beginning of her comeback. ♪ another icon smokey robinson
7:17 am
receiving the lifetime achievement award. >> it's a dream come true. >> reporter: the show marking its 15th anniversary. the night hosted by trace si ellis ross and -- ♪ stay with me for you not showing up to b.e.t. ♪ >> reporter: empire star speaking passionately. >> let the supreme court rule being the proof of how far we have come. let the deaths of our sisters and brothers be proof of how far we have to go. >> reporter: diddy, in his first appearance since his arrest last week falling into the pit holding l'il kim. the night's big winners, chris brown and nicki minaj. >> i feel honored. i'm always in awe at how b.e.t. a appreciates me. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo abc
7:18 am
news, los angeles. >> robin, you asked did diddy really fall? apparently that was legit. we'll have much more from behind the scenes coming up in our next hour. >> we're looking forward to that. >> janet jackson look great. >> have you heard the music? it's classic janet. >> it's a good monsoon season has started. one of the first dust storms phoenix, arizona several of them, you can see them moving in the video. you'll see storms making it to southern california in the coming days. let's get to the select cities brought to you by liberty mutual.
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>> reporter: good morning, everyone, david murphy here with an update from accuweather. nothing showing on storm tracker 6 live double scan. as we head outside, we have sunshine over the horizon it's feeling comfortable with neighborhoods in the 60s and low humidity. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a high of 81 this afternoon nice and warm, a little below average and with humidity behaving itself, it's a good start to the workweek. a late thunderstorm possible tomorrow otherwise, clouds and sub, a little more humid in the day, much more humid on wednesday. more storms then. on record. meanwhile, in the northwest, it's so hot. i'll have much more coming up on both of those. >> upis almost behind us. come op july. much more ahead this morning. the escape artist trapped in the
7:20 am
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>> it is 7:26 we have breaking news, chopper 6 is live over a nasty multi-vehicle crash in south jersey, 6 vehicles are involved and five people injured. it happened route 73, haze mill roads in camden county.
7:27 am
million helicopter has rushed people to the hospital. >> reporter: fire crews on 73 blocking haze mill road, this is not far from the ac expressway. a lot of people might be coming back from the shore and get on 73 northbound. take 30 southbound or new brooklyn road instead to get around that accident scene. south jersey, gloucester county, route 45 monroeville road. we have crews on the scene. stick to mullica hill road. slow go on i-95 southbound traffic an accident on the the shoulder at cottman. southbound jammed past woodhaven to cottman a 29 minute ride. >> pleasant of sunshine to start the workweek. take a live look at the delaware river. david murphy has the forecast. >> reporter: all right matt we have high clouds, take a look, 66 degrees. humidity on the comfortable
7:28 am
side. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows lots of sunshine and high of 81. tomorrow, more humid and late in the day we'll have the chance of a spotty thunderstorm, 85 is the high. wednesday is when the humidity builds, 87 degrees and chance of thunderstorms during the day. dry, thursday, a little unsettled, friday, saturday and sunday, that includes the fourth. spotty thunderstorms twarlgd the the -- towards the end of the week. >> a plane crashed in massachusetts taking off from a lancaster airport. details at
7:29 am
7:30 am
good morning, america. right now, the second convict who escaped from that upstate new york prison in critical condition this morning. neez new aim ajsimages show the moments after he was shot and taken into custody. the fast-moving wildfire in washington state. destroying homes. forcing thousands to flee. and an 18-year-old recovering after being bitten by a shark off the coast of north carolina. this new video showing how many sharks are lurking close to the shore. >> we have seen so much of that this year. as we say, good morning, america. want to look back at the week end, too. ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ >> oh no. oh no. >> a lot of pups vying for the tight of the world's ugliest dog. >> oh i love you all.
7:31 am
>> nick watt got to be a judge. it was 10-year-old quazi modo who walked away with the crown. she'll be here this morning. >> it's a pop-in. we're calling it a paw-p in in "pop news." >> that is later. we begin this half hour with the magician who had a brush with death. criss angel, the world famous illusionist coming to the rescue. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hey, robin. good morning to you. we all watch these stupts thinking that could not be real. this one could have turned deadly. they say what happened on that stage was no illusion. >> bring him down! >> reporter: the escape artist trapped in a water tank during
7:32 am
this death-defying stunt is speaking out. >> i had two longs left. i was around the 4:00 mark. >> reporter: all caught on camera. a performance called a water torture cell gone terrifyingly wrong. spencer horsman says he was close to unlocking himself when he blacked out for criss angel's new connect show supernaturalist. >> i thought it had it under control. >> reporter: a superhuman feat dangling 30 feet in the air, under lock and key, every second counts for this escape artist who happens to have asthma. he says he pushed his body too far. >> it was more my ego and wanting to try the keep push thing the envelope and go longer instead of signaling for help. >> reporter: angel rushing on stage, leaping to the rescue. >> what i saw was somebody losing the ability to be aware of what was going on.
7:33 am
>> reporter: horsman came to immediately. the due beau back on stage with a warning. >> don't try this anywhere at any time at any age. >> reporter: and some laughs. >> he owes me his life. >> i'm honored to be involved in this project. >> reporter: well, the show must do on no matter how dangerous, i guess. i asked if this whole thing was a publicity stupt. they deny it was a hoax saying horsman did really barack out. they don't deny they have good insurance policies. i guess a job requirement. >> i'm surprised they can get them. >> i'm surprised, too. we turn on the mysterious disappearance of a woman in spain. she was last seen back in april. her family desperate for answers. now the ib joins the search. >> reporter: this morning, a desperate search for an arizona woman who disappeared while
7:34 am
hiking across a popular european destination. >> i always thought i would be able to when she needed me i would be there for her. >> reporter: the fbi working with the spanish national police trying to find 41-year-old denise thiem, who had recently quit her job to travel the world. she was last seen walking a famed catholic pill fwrim aj from france to spain. her brother says she was inspired to make the journey after watching the martin sheen movie, "the way" which focuses on a father's soul-searching journey on that very trail. >> i'm going the watch the camino desantiago. >> reporter: she was last seen in april meeting man for breakfast. the day before disappearing she had reportedly made plans to continue walking the trail with another man from the pilgrimage. no one knows if they met up. >> she's had a lot of experience
7:35 am
traveling. it didn't make sense there's no communication whatsoever. >> reporter: the u.s. embassy in madrid helping to search. telling abc news the welfare of u.s. citizens is one of the department's highest priorities. denise's brother meeting with senator john mccain this week. >> i want to make sure the government is doing everything they can, you know. because i'm trying to do everything i can. hopefully, something will come out of it. >> reporter: thiem's family organizing their own search parties. her brother flying across the globe to trace her steps. hoping to find answers. >> i wish i could see her and tell her how much i love her. i hoe she comes back safe and sound. >> reporter: there's a fear now that women on the trail are being tacted because joggers in the area have started reporting attempted abduction there is. seeing men with covered faces trying to force women into cars. yet another worry for her family. let's hope they find her. >> thank you, gio. now to the shark encounters
7:36 am
over the weekend. the fifth and sixth off the coast of north carolina just this month. one 18-year-old boy is in serious condition this morning. and abc's steve osunsami is on the beach in waves, north carolina. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin the. young man hurt here was swimming with friends when he was attacked. singled out by a shark. experts are reminding families that the shark was here first. >> caller's saying someone's been bitten by a shark. >> reporter: it's happened again. this morning, an 18-year-old is recovering after a shark bite off the coast of north carolina. they had to air-lift him to a hospital in norfolk. he had life-threatening injuries to his calf leg, and both hands. >> check this man right here. >> oh my goodness. >> just a day earlier, about 20 minutes down the shore, a shark bit a 47-year-old man in water that was waist deep. >> one victim.
7:37 am
multiple bites. he's stable. >> reporter: for the sixth time this month, a shark has confused a person for food. experts say bait used by local fishermen could be one of the problems. attracting sharks to the shore. what you're seeing here is not encouraged at all. it's illegal in most states. >> sharks are out there. don't swim where people are fishing. don't swim around piers. >> reporter: all the concerns are not going to keep most families out of the water. >> i'm not going out as far. but i'm going in. it's not stopping me or the kids from going in. >> reporter: experts say shark attacks always increase in the summer simply because there are more people at the shore. there are some calls for a ban on fishing at the piers nearby. those are going nowhere this morning. robin? >> all right, steve, thank you very much. good suction about staying away from the piers when you'rein eastern
7:38 am
michigan south of detroit they have seen close to a foot of rain just this month. that's about a half foot above average. look at lake erie, west of cleveland, the big rains crashing in. new england having it. look at the pictures out of new jersey, flooding rains up to 4 inches of rain in spots. that's the big picture let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: but the rain ended overnight saturday ginger, sunday a much better day and today we're following up with a beauty. nothing showing up on storm tracker 6 live, temperatures in the 60s, this afternoon high of 81 lots of sun. more humid tomorrow with a spotty thunderstorm. it's a composite of lightning. 13th lightning death this year. that's above average.
7:39 am
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back now at 7:43 with "gma on the money." now save big on your summer vacation. no it's not too late. rebecca jarvis is back with advice that saved one family thousands on their dream trip. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: good morning, lar are. if you have already booked the family vacation, you want to hear this. we can help save you thousands of dollars so money doesn't stand in the way of that perfect getaway. day-to-day life in the finestein
7:44 am
household is well -- >> very crazy. we have three very busy kids. >> reporter: a family vacation is a much-needed time to keep them connected and relacked. >> we need to hit the reset button. >> reporter: a budget of 4500 their current itinerary is over budget for key west. >> the cost affects our ability to take a vacation. >> reporter: enter genevieve brown. >> it's more remote. that make it a little bit more difficult to get to. >> reporter: instead, always fly into larger airports. changing the arrival airport to miami and driving to key west. >> philly to miami, that $480 flight is $138. >> oh my gosh. >> we have now taken the price of your flights from $2400 to
7:45 am
$700. >> wow. >> reporter: that's a savings of $1700. >> rental cars. immediate car at $33 day. that's a big difference from $78 a day. >> reporter: next hotels. using booing websites like back bid that asks hotels to bid for your business. or hotel lead that uses your social media profile to match you to hotels. our family wants to stay at a four-star hotel. so back bid is finding them a comparable deal for close to $1,000 less. >> $214 a night. >> oh my goodness. >> reporter: with this we vised itinerary, they're now underbudget. >> from over $5,000 to $1720. >> reporter: in all, our expert saving this family more than
7:46 am
$4,000. the savings don't stop there. you can download free apps to find the cheap hot spot while you're on vacation. another favorite happy hour finder it's an app called happy hour finder. it lists all the happy hours nearby. so you can get those deals, too. >> hold on one sec. >> you don't have to go on vacation. >> what was the name of that last one? >> you don't need to go on vacation to use it. >> thank you, rebecca. coming up on "good morning america," a grizzly bear caught on camera coming face to face with a little girl and her family. and in our speed feed, the ruling about marriage equality that changed history. so many sharing how love wins. come on back. hi! what happened to your hair? i got it. walgreens has all you need to keep it all under control. from a little touch-up... come on, guys! to finding that perfect finishing touch... to making memories at the touch of a button.
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7:50 am
let's get over the ammy with the speed feed. >> the event that changed history soord on social media. the hash tag love wins becoming a celebration of the supreme court ruling. it started with this tweet from the president with the most retweeted ever from his potus account. take a look at the white house icon on twitter and profile picture on facebook. in rainbow there. mimicking the stunning picture
7:51 am
of the white house lighted up in rainbow colors. many famous names using the love wins hash tag to show their support as well. bill clinton tweeting this was a step to a more perfect union. a olivia wilde saying she is proud to be an american. the rainbow flag for leonardo dicaprio, arnold swarzchwarzenegger. love wins. >> indeed. we'll be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ double the lovin' this summer at mcdonald's with the double combo for just $2.50. ♪ when i have a u.t.i. i get a little
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7:55 am
7:56 am
>> george, everyone, i'm matt o'donnell, 7:56 monday morning let's start on the schuylkill expressway with karen rogers, karen. >> reporter: good morning, matt we're seeing traffic move schuylkill expressway at university earlier disabled vehicle has cleared. westbound heavy from the boulevard to gladwyn. in white marsh township we have an accident at bethlehem pike at lafayette. another accident springfield township stenton avenue at newton street. chopper 6 over a horrible accident scene, 6 vehicles involved in the accident in winslow township. they are closing 73 northbound
7:57 am
at haze mill road. this is affecting you coming off the ac expressway. stick to route 30 westbound or new brooklyn road instead karen. >> we are soaked in sunshine, it's a live look from our camera in center city. david murphy with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: a couple of high clouds around, matt, there's plenty of sunshine getting through. 68 degrees in philadelphia. with humidity behaving i felt. this afternoon itself. tomorrow, thunderstorm possible, 85 degrees by the end of the day it will feel more humid. by wednesday more humid and warmer high of 87. there's a better chance of thunderstorms around on wednesday, some of them could produce heavy downpours thursday, clouds and sun another thunderstorm possible. as we head through friday, saturday and sunday there's unstable air in place. each day poses a chance of a thunderstorm, although as of
7:58 am
now, nothing appears to be a washout. >> new survey ranks the best places to celebrate the fourth of july and ranks philadelphia number 43. give me your thoughts on your facebook page.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. avenue villa veen's struggle to get her life back. for the first time she oppose up on camera about her long battle with lyme disease. >> i was like, it was literally the worst time in my life. >> how it put her life and career on hold. what got her through it all. baby bat until the board room. the c erk o making headlines for keeping her pregnancy a secret. why she's opening up about it now. and we were behind the scene of the sizzling b.e.t. awards. >> my heart is so full. >> and right there, backstage with co-hosts anthony anderson and tracee ellis ross. >> i had to go to circus school. >> exclusive access.
8:01 am
>> hey, i'm michael strahan. good morning, america. has anybody seen anthony anderson? anthony and tracee were so funny. look at this. good morning,. full on dancing workout taking over times square. >> it's called 305 fitness. it's kind of dance party meets boot camp. we'll reveal all the secrets just ahead. they've been working on it all morning. we'll show you moves as well that you can do right in your own living room. >> great. i'm down. >> i'm with you. hey, how about the b.e.t. awards. what a night. what a moment. smokey robinson robin thicke. come on. roll 'em. ♪ what can make me feel this way ♪ >> everybody was singing. ♪ my girl ♪ >> we'll have so much more from
8:02 am
behind the scenes. how about that mara schiavocampo? >> whoo mara brought it. she's going to show us all. right now, back to amy with the morning rundown. the big story the morning. the dramatic capture of the second escaped convict in new york. david sweat is this critical condition in the hospital. these new images show him right after he was shot. twice in the torso. he was shot by a state police sergeant just a mile and half from the canadian border. sweat's capture coming two days after fellow escapee richard matt was killed. the men used pepper to throw search dogs off their trail. an out-of-control wildfire bearing down on more home. the blaze has already detroid a dozen homes. today's weather will help firefighters. a new setback for the space
8:03 am
program. this unmanned spacex rocket exploded shortly after takeoff. it was carrying two tons of food and supplies to the space station. caught on camera a family's wild encounter at yellow stone. coming face to face with a huge grizzly. the sharp claws leaving visible scratches. >> there's bear on my car. oh my gosh. >> reporter: how about this for up close and personal. >> i'm so scared. >> reporter: this dprizly giving a line of cars at yellow stone national park a bear of a scare. >> this is the scariest thing on earth. >> reporter: 7-year-old elyse inside the car as her parents and sisters watch from behind hearing the play by play. >> a little bit freaked out right now. >> the bear was jumping on the car with his front pause and kind of like smearing its nose on the window with bear snot.
8:04 am
>> reporter: elyse riding along with her friends. scared and exhilarated. >> as we were watching the bear i was admittedly a little bit scared. the bear wasn't being aggressive. there was a chance he could break the window. >> reporter: the bear timely moving on. >> oh we're alive, we're alive! >> reporter: but leaving his mark on the suv. >> there's the mud marx. >> reporter: bear encounters are not uncommon. this black bear and three cubs were spotted just last month. >> look at his claws. >> reporter: in both case no one was hurt. authorities urge tourists to use occasion and keep their distance when this close to wild lye. for "good morning america," aditi roy, san jose california. thanks to aditi for that. finally, payback for a driver who thought he could get away with parking in a handicapped spot. this is how he found his car on
8:05 am
a street in brazil. you're wondering what that is. those are little sticky notes. blue sticky notes. clearly marked there with the universal handicap signal. the driver got his window clear enough to drive away in humiliation. that humiliation continue this is morning. this video getting 4.7 million views in just one day. you know what? shame can be a good thing. i think he got the message. >> and he had to be parked there for a long time. >> even the wheels. >> well done. okay amy, thank you. let's go to lara in the social square. >> thank you, george. an abc news exclusive. avril lavigne is opening up about her fight with lyme disease. and the ceo with a big secret. why she disguised her pregnancy at work. zblmplg and we have the winner
8:06 am
of the ugliest dog contest. and 305, the workout, is with us here in times square. stay with us, everybody. we'll be right back. ♪ i don't know how it happened ♪ this guy first roamed the earth over 65 million years ago. like our van. yeah. we need to sell it. hi. need an appraisal? yeah. we do. vo: when selling your car, start with a written offer no strings attached. carmax. start here.
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8:11 am
>> it's the 305 workout. it's the zip code of miami. that's where it was originated from. >> always thinking we are. time for the heat index. this morning's hot button is superstar singer avril lavigne, opening up about her battle with lyme disease. jesse palmer is here with this abc news exclusive. >> i got the sate down with her for a candid conversation. she described the anguish she faced an coming to the realization she would soon be putter her career, her life her world tour on hold. avril lavigne, the stop star now opening up. ready to fly again. ♪ we were all meant to fly ♪ >> reporter: speaking candidly about the disease that brought her life to a grinding halt. >> i became bed-ridden last october. and, i was in los angeles, i was like literally, the worst time
8:12 am
of my life. and, i was seeing every specialist. and -- like literally the top doctors. and, they were just like you know they would -- so stupid. they would pull up their computer and be like chronic fatigue syndrome or why don't you try to get out of bed and just go play the piano. are you depressed? they don't have an answer for people with lyme disease. they tell them like you're crazy. >> reporter: her nightmare began on tour. >> i woke up i had night sweats. i felt like i had the flu. and this went on and off for a month. i saw my doctor right way. got blood tests. got swabbed. they didn't know what was wrong. >> reporter: when did you first suspect lyme disease? >> probably two months into having it. >> reporter: she became her own
8:13 am
health advocate. >> i figured out, find a lyme specialist. you're a specialist. you can dig nose through symptoms. >> reporter: she said fans from arnold the world have carried her through her diagnosis. >> stay strong. >> we're praying for you. >> i sat in bed. watched the videos. i cried through the whole thing and i, i honestly felt very -- very loved. and -- it sounds silly saying it. but i truly did feel my fans through the process. >> reporter: avril says her regimen includes antibiotics and lots of rest. >> i'm seeing progress. i'm about halfway through the treatment. the thing that's good for me to know, i'm grateful to know that i will make 100% recovery. >> reporter: that's great news. someone subpoenas out there suffering, is there message to them? >> there is hope.
8:14 am
lyme disease does exist. and you can get better. ♪ there's a lighter side of all of us ♪ i think for me it's a second shot at life. i want to go out there and truly do what i love. ♪ it's like a diamond you just have to find it ♪ so i'm so excited for life after this. ♪ your time to fly ♪ >> what a beautiful smile. >> and her husband, chad kroeger, also dealing with a health crisis. he'll soon have surgery to remove a cyst on his voice box. the first thing she plans to do performing her single fly on july 25th at the opening ceremonies of the special olympics. you'll have a front row seat. you'll be there hosting. >> we're so excited she'll be there. people don't take this seriously. >> thousands of people are sufficientering. they don't know it. i think avril's story is so
8:15 am
inspirational. she's a rock star. >> you trust your gut to not let people tell you you're crazy. >> i can't wait for her to por perform. >> and what a voice. move og on the heat index. new evidence that the work place is not always equal for men and women. a contradiction eo had to hide her pregnancy to keep her business alive. she wrote about it. cane kayna whitworth. >> alone, upset. scared. >> reporter: talia was a successful ceo. >> i was pregnant. >> reporter: she and her husband were thrilled to be expecting their first child. she wasn't able to share the news. >> it's sad she had to hide it and you should be able to wear your pregnancy proudly, i gez.
8:16 am
>> reporter: she had launched a successful match making webbsite three day rule. worried investors wouldn't take a pregnant woman seriously. >> i wore a trench coat. >> reporter: were you making thing worse than they really were? >> it's a great question. i called up a bunch of advisers and asked them without telling them i was pregnant, if they would invest in a pregnant ceo. they all said no they would not. it's a huge red flag. i felt like it was the only decision i had. i didn't want to sabotage our company. >> reporter: she did attract investors. now, two years later, and pregnant again, she's changed her approach. >> i'm going to wear tight clothes. and show it off and we'll see what happens. >> reporter: her daughter is due in november. and this time everyone knows. for "good morning america,"
8:17 am
kayna whitworth, abc news los angeles. >> we asked everybody at home, would you try to hide a pregnancy in the work place. here's the results. 24% said yes. does this surprise you? >> stups me. absolutely. i wish that things were fair enough that being pregnant wouldn't preclude somebody from getting hired. the reality is there is so much bias and preconceived notions in the work place. it's hard enough to get a job. that the reality is being pregnant and showing when you're looking for a job is difficult. it's almost permission to not choose you. >> oh. and you have helped a lot of people get positions. if you are a job seeker and you're pregnant what is your advice? >> so there's two things i would say. the first is conceal it while you're job searching. i know for some people that's difficult to do. because it feels deceitful.
8:18 am
instead, i would focus on all of your accomplishments and why you are perfect for this position. because unless you have little to no competition for the job, being pregnant is going to be a red flag. >> you mean don't mention it. don't lie about it. >> well conceal it. i wouldn't announce it. i wouldn't show it. but then on the second piece of advice to that i would say that once you receive the offer, a firm offer, you know that they want you, that's the time assuming you're past the first trimester and everything is looking good say, i want to share this information with you. what you have to be aware is that for most employers, their initial concern is immediacy versus long term value. and so what you want to be clear is listen i know that initially, this is going to be a little hurdle for both of us. but i'm so focused on getting in here. this is the company i want to be at. i'm committed to my career. >> so mommy bias is real?
8:19 am
>> it is. it is real. being a strong performer is the best thing you can do. having great xhup occasion. effective communication with your boss is essential. i think not expecting any kind of special treatment matters. >> that's critical. >> i think so too. >> i think a lot of the bias is an unexpected burden on our colleagues who don't have kids where we think they can handle it all. >> so asking for a foot rub was not a good idea? >> unless you're giving to it everybody. do it for all. >> it's so funny we're having this conversation in 2015. >> and we are. >> it's an important one. next up, behind the scenes at the b.e.t. awards. the show celebrating its 15th anniversary with some of the biggest names in entertainment. mara schiavocampo she was looking good. she was backstage and on the red carpet for it all. >> reporter: while all eyes were on the big show. ♪ i guess you'd say ♪
8:20 am
>> reporter: some of the b.e.t. awards best moments coming backstage. "gma" getting exclusive access. what was it like to see all those tributes? all those amazing performers singing your songs? >> it's a dream come true. we could be we. >> reporter: we could be in a singing group. >> we could. >> reporter: what is it like to host? >> it is exciting. it made the red carpet nervous. >> put your arms out. put your hands up. >> reporter: the red carpet white hot, too. zendaya coleman, a sparkling stunner. how does it feel to come into this place being a fashion icon for your peers? >> it's cool. i wpt people to become more and more confident in what they love. that's all i want people to take is dang she had no fear. >> summer colors. got to do something different.
8:21 am
got be outside the box. >> reporter: we work together. >> a good combination. >> reporter: where anything goes. >> i'm feeling myself right now. >> reporter: from classic couture to sizzling and sexy. ciara turning heads. >> the nation's going to be turned up tonight. >> reporter: fellas making their mark too. >> it takes a real man to rock a broach. >> reporter: and the men of empire ruling this carpet with color. ♪ come back to me i'm beg youg please ♪ >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo. abc news los angeles. >> go mara. >> you can see what the stars wore on the red carpet on on yahoo! yahoo!. you might remember from
8:22 am
we quickly look at the flash flood warnings this morning the frawches -- flood watches that extend into northern ohio. that low pressure center is moving toward us. >> reporter: ginger, that low pressure center is going to affect us tomorrow. today nothing on storm tracker 6 live, temperatures in the 60s humidity on the low side. comfortable conditions and a good looking day too occasional clouds, but a lot of sunshine. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, sunny and nice and comfortable today a high of 81. tomorrow a late thunderstorm can't be ruled out. otherwise it's clouds and sun, a little humid late in the day 85. much more humid and stormy on wednesday.
8:23 am
so cute. >> we love him. get in here ginger. "pop news" time. the grammy nominated star ed sheeran, rocking with the rolling stones on saturday. a rousing rendition of their classic. ♪ feet are hurtin' all i want for you to make love to me ♪ >> sounds good. >> wow. >> love it. >> we love ed. >> sheeran opened up for the stones on this stop of their zip code tour. he got the hang out with the band and take some photographs. a fun night before ed continues on his tour. next up for the stone, raleigh, north carolina. >> a lot of action. >> that's got to be a dream even for him. a guy as successful as he is to get on stage with those guys. it's like me working with you. you see what i just did? >> he lied. >> yeah we saw it all right,
8:24 am
jess. hey it's time for a "pup" news pop in. nick watt get on over here. >> come on quasi. >> blanket. >> quasi modo. >> there's george. there's robin. >> the winner of the 2015 ugliest dog contest. quasi is a living proof example of tolerance. he was born with multiple issues. >> when you think of an ugly dog, you assume it's a guy. she, quasi. >> she's gt a beautiful heart. >> nick you were a judge. what lit you all up? >> facially she's quite beautiful. the side view obviously, is
8:25 am
kind of ridiculous. she's half a dog. she was born without vertebrae. the ones she has are fused together. these beautiful long legs that don't fit this little half body. the other dogs were little ones with british teeth and bad hair. and quasi stood out. this dog is going to turn heads. >> how did you get to be a judge? >> and how do i get it? >> i think they wanted me to bring simon cowell nastiness. >> did you? >> i did. i think maybe no up with elseone else would do it. >> the graphic there. take it off. so we can see her up close. she's beautiful. she's bored. >> she likes the camera. have . >> she has been mobbed in airports. kids are coming up oh i saw her on facebook. she's chill. never a bark. never a moan. she's a star. >> a real star.
8:26 am
so are you. thank you for judging. thank you for choosing. i don't like the name of the contest. because quasi modo is a beauty. let them know i'm available for a judge next year. we have one more. another dog. another famous dog back in "pop news" our old friend fritz. fritz is the golden with the trouble retrieving. fritz cannot catch anything. here's an update on his catching ask is. >> faster. >> a little bit bigger. and you can't see the other one. it's good.
8:27 am
>> 8:27, a storage barn caught fire in south jest, the remote location along route 45 in south harrison township. made it hard to fight the fire. most of the barn's roof collapsed. on this monday morning let's check traffic with karen rogers. karen. >> reporter: go to work, matt looking live at i-95 at allegheny, southbound traffic heading toward center city jammed from cottman to girard. a 29 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine. just had an update. not too bad. in winslow township we have a problem in camden county, chopper 6 was overhead a horrible accident scene. six vehicles involved with the
8:28 am
accident, 73 northbound at haze mill road, a number of emergency workers and medevac helicopter had to land on the scene. take 30 northbound or new brooklyn road, instead. >> lots of sunshine up over the horizon, but a few clouds are in the process of evaporating. humidity behavior itself. high of 81 lots of sun and comfortable. tomorrow it's a more humid late in the day, a mix of clouds and sun, 85. late in the day or evening there could be a couple of thunderstorms around, especially west of philadelphia. on wednesday that's when the humidity really gets noticeable, 87 degrees soupy air and better chance of thunderstorms popping through at times. thursday, clouds and sun you'll notice that the rest of the seven-day forecast through the holiday features a pop pop-up thunderstorm, a little unstable as we go through the rest of the
8:29 am
week. camden's two city pools and spray park open to the public today. the mayor will do the official declaration at 11:00 a.m. we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number... don't miss the lowest prices of the season, going on now sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. right now, find the lowest prices of the season, with the c4 queen mattress set only $1499.98.
8:30 am
know better sleep with sleep number. ♪ sfwlmplgt oh. >> okay. >> are they twerking? >> they're doing a little bit of everything lara. our "gma" gym is in action right now. we have a deejay. okay keep that beat. with a dance-themed workout. ? we'll have all the secrets for how this routine with help you get in shape. the party is already started up there. right now, we're coming back down here. you have a special story, robin. ginger zee. how many we love you. especially because you'll do anything. >> anything really. >> you'll jump off buildings. all of those things. amazing activeityiesactivities. now a huge announcement. she's getting ready for her most extreme adventure yet. should we have them take a look.
8:31 am
let's see it. >> reporter: my adventure spirit has gotten me into a little bit of everything the last few years. nothing like where i'll go now. let's recap. from paraguiding sky high over the andes. to hawking in nepal. i've been scuba diving with dozens of huge sharks. i can't believe how close we are. lying that drone into a volcano in iceland the. >> our fearless ginger zee. >> reporter: repelling. sky diving. nascar racing. crab fishing. and most recently es employering the proe found cave if vietnam. swimming with the breathtaking sequelly fish in palau. oh my gosh. there's so many. little did i know when i got out of those waters i would take the big dive. my most extreme adventure yet. motherhood. yep, that's two lines, baby. i'm pregnant.
8:32 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> wow. >> speech speech. speech. >> i have a question for you. with all that adventure, how did you get pregnant? >> that's a great question. the short times at home. and, the forecast the forecast for delive i have in december. so -- >> awesome. >> so exciting. >> i just got child. >> this is the most nervous i've been in a long time. >> you're going to be great mom. without a doubt. >> we knew when you came back from vietnam. we all went what's going on here? >> because i was in a mood. >> at's only just beginning. >> you get to do that for as long as you want. >> you were not kid ppg this is an adventure of a lifetime. >> all the other adventures promise you a return home. this is like when you get home, the adventure is there. it's so emotional for me. i'll do anything. but this scares me.
8:33 am
>> more fun than all of that put together. >> you know who is really i'm worried about quincy. when you're not here, he cries. when you're gone for awhile. >> he's here today for the announcement. i'm sorry quincy i'll be gone for about six week. >> i locked over at his mom, they're like oh no. >> quincy is saying wait ginger's married. >> give her a hug. come on. >> come on. >> come on, sit right here with us. this is quincy. >> we have to break it to you. it will be some time she has to be away. are you going to be okay with that? >> okay. >> but i'll come back with a baby. it will be great. >> you will? >> told you. he didn't like this one bit. >> that's the same reaction we had. >> we need to clear this with his mother before we have a further discussion. congratulations. >> congratulations. >> great advice surrounding me. >> and with this music that's playing, it's probably fitting.
8:34 am
it's been quite a morning in our "gma" gym. the team from 305s. the here going all out with their workout. they were part of the up and out event. sara haines was there. >> reporter: it's a cutting edge exercise extravaganza. from rowing. to kettlebell kick boxing to a ballet-up spired work out. this weekend at the "self-"magazine up and out fitness channel. >> we talk about every new fitness trend, class you could try. we thought, what if we could bring it to life. >> reporter: oh my gosh. i came prepared to break a sweat. first up city row. it's fun. i wish my boat was going somewhere. on to my next class. want to build a long lane body.
8:35 am
try kettlebell kick boxing. it wasn't an easy class for a beginner like myself. fly wheel? time to kick it up a notch. a cycling class that is the ultimate cardio experience. when people thing about getting on a bike it's boring. what is didn't about fly wheel? >> dark room. i don't want to say clubby. it's kind of. like a giant party. you happen po be working out. >> reporter: now the refuel with a healthy protein shake. >> you can't go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter. >> reporter: next i'm ready to dance. i check out 305 finance. a night life-inspired workout. deejay included. >> people burn between 600, i've seen 900 calories in 55 minutes. we have toning section throughout class. >> reporter: i'm sweating everything off right now. best workout ever.
8:36 am
for "good morning america," sara haines, abc news, new york. >> and i'm joined by sadie, founder of 305 financetness. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> what if you're not a good dancer snrmgts i'm not a dancer myself. i created this workout. that's telling me that 305 do be for absolutely anybody. >> you don't have to dance well. you just is to be moving. >> you just have to have fun. >> you have a few moves to show us. >> ye. the first one is the knee pull. you bring in the knee to the chest. it puts the cardio in dance cardio. get yours heart rate elevated. burning calories. using full body. that's the knee pull. >> i'm with you. >> move two that we have is the single leg side hop. straight
8:37 am
his it's like a fist pump. and move three, you're going to walk and pose. you walk and pose any way you want. you're letting your inner dancer come out. freedom of expression right. now they're going to put it all together. right here pull it up pull it up pull pull ye and single leg hop. hey, amy, you want to join us right here. walk and pose pose pose pose pose, ye, ye! >> all right. if i can kick off my heels, i'll join you. thank you so much. sadie and all the dancers. let's go back to
8:38 am
let's start in the west, how about los angeles looking at the earlier shots live this morning, it's been warm in a a lot of places, it will go to 83, san diego 74. up north the heat is on in the pacific northwest it sticks around for much fortunate week. that's the big picture, let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: thank you so much ginger congratulations on the baby news, that's cool. storm tracker 6 live shows you we're dry. asas we move outside, we have clouds and sunshine overly, tomorrow, a little sticky and late in the day a thunderstorm. 305. coming up next jada pinkett
8:39 am
mf smith. and
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♪ it is a beautiful, beautiful monday morning. and i had to come out here to see this beautiful crowd we have with us here if times square. and they know it's the countdown to "magic mike xxl." and i caught up with the one and only jada pinkett-smith. she's owning her role. sit hot in here or what, people? oh, ye. jada joins the cast of this highly anticipated sequel. a group of male -- we're saying strippers but entertainers. let people know about the role you play. you're in a position of power. >> she owns an erotic club. she looks at e rot schismroticism as a way to find their enlightened self.
8:43 am
they want her to emcee their last show. >> let's take a look. >> i got a little treat for y'all tonight. it's man i knew. as white chocolate. [ cheers and applause ] some might know him as magic mike. [ cheers ] we going to see if he still got some imagine nick that mike. [ laughter ] >> jada. we have some staffers that have seen this already. two, three times. >> really? >> they can't -- >> i can't blame you. i really can't. >> we know about the men in it. it's empowering for women. >> i definitely think so. i have to be hops. the script was originally written for a guy. >> your part. >> my part. channing and dpregry gave me a call and said, jada i really think there's a way to make this
8:44 am
platform celebratory. and responsible. i said you know what i don't know where we're going to end up but i'm going to take that ride with you. i have to tell you, i think we did a pretty good job. >> i have to tell you. you did do a good job. i was skeptical, too. ewe see the women you refer to them as queens and how in their everyday life they may not get the attention. may not be listened to. and -- >> and these male entertainers do. i had never been interested in male strippers. to be honest with you. >> you got will smith at home. who would be? >> that's real. i realized how fun and women do go to these particular shows to feet validated. to fee acknowledged. it's not about sex if that makes any sense at all. >> it does. >> you know and, that's what it was about for us. to -- for that hour that you're
8:45 am
there with us, you're going to feel like a queen. >> michael strahan. >> oh ye. boy did i have a good time with him 37. >> give us something we can use. >> there's a lot more going on that we filmed than you see in the movie. we're hoping we get the director's cut. >> oh somewhere michael is -- he's shaking right now. >> he's please don't, don't. >> he left message for you. let's take a look. >> hey, jada. welcome to "gma." i know you're there to talk about "magic mike." you were my boss on "magic mike." i want you to know boss lady you are the one and only woman i have ever stripped for. >> oh! >> wait a minute now. >> here we go. >> is this the director's cut? i think that was a director's cut. >> that's awesome. you made my day with that. >> last time will was here you were off filming this. he didn't know if he liked the fact that you were off with
8:46 am
these buff men. >> he teased me. people say, was he jealous? after 20 years of marriage boo-boo, he knows he has me on lockdown. >> you look fantastic. what is your secret? what do you do? >> i work out every day. i have a really strict diet. not for weight necessarily but for lifestyle because for what we do we need energy. and i've just learned to have my priorities together. that's to love. and to love my family. and my family keeps me strong. and with them i just feel likeky do anything. and we're really a tight unit. i have to tell you. i feel blessed. i have not one complaint about a thing. i am blessed. >> continued blessings. going forward. just keep being you. >> thank you. same to you. nice to see you. >> jada pinkett-smith, people. we had a good time.
8:47 am
"magic mike xxl" opens on wednesday. i'm so happy to see loretta from pass christian high school. this was my first friend. nobody wanted to be friends with me. she's the one who said she's all right. she's all right. great to see you. so much behind the scenes with justin bieber next. i'm going the talk to loretta.
8:48 am
8:49 am
[ cheers and applause ] big exclusive now. tv debut of justin bieber's new music video. our chris connelly went behind the scenes to watch them put it together. e we have this message from the biebs. >> what's up "good morning america"? this is the exclusive. you'll not regret it. all right. ♪ now i'm all alone and i'm
8:50 am
open ♪ ♪ tell me here where are you now that i'm ♪ >> reporter: it's the most anticipated video debut. ♪ where are you now that i need you ♪ ♪ >> reporter: featuring bieber on this soulful vocal that first made him a star. ♪ where are you now that i need you ♪ >> reporter: where are you now, a remix from sprucers diplo and skrillex. joining sonic forces. ♪ i gave you the shirt off my back to keep your warm ♪ ♪ >> reporter: visuals are inter twined in a spectacular array of hand-drawn elements. >> we have art in the barack ground. they're taking each frame and giving them to an artist.
8:51 am
♪ i'm open ♪ >> we took the frames from the video and invited different artists, fan, whoever wanted to come and draw on the different frames. >> reporter: bieber took "gma" behind the scenes while filming the first of its kind video with directors alex and ben, called brewer. >> we're on the way to the next setup. >> reporter: the result, a multimedia multimedia barrage. trying to catapult him in a greater awareness and maturity. bieber has already joined jack you on stage to perform the song live ♪ let's go ♪ were >> reporter: once at the end of march in miami. >> where are you now that i need
8:52 am
you. you know where are you? all i need is you. you're not here. so find me. ♪ >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, new york.
8:53 am
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chase sunset do it all. on us. get your first month's payment plus five years wear and tear coverage. make the most of summer... with volvo.
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ginger get ready for this this is going the you soon. we whatn't the welcome new member of our "gma" family. first, our outstanding producer genevieve. mark mom, dad, nicholas all happy and healthy. >> also from our production manager, kim, twins shayla love and hunter maddox. they're all doing great. >> going to be you. >> it's going to be you. >> just one. just one. >> we don't know, yet. have a great day.
8:56 am
>> six people were injured in this multi-vehicle crash in winslow township, camden county. two people were airlifted to
8:57 am
cooper university hospital. chopper 6 was over the scene route 73 and haze mill road. two vehicles were rear ended one ending up on the roof of another. >> let's go over to karen rogers with traffic. >> reporter: good morning, matt, this is eastbound traffic heading toward center city approaching boulevard to girard. westbound jammed 32 travel minutes from vine to the blue route. use new brooklyn road or route 30 on the accident scene. the fire location, you may see fire crews on the road on 45. >> david murphy has the forecast. >> reporter: it's time to take off the jacket. we have reached the 70-degree mark. we have sunshine beaming in, humidity on the low side. a nice one today warm,
8:58 am
81 degrees, lots of sun. tomorrow, sun and clouds, late in the day there's a chance of a pop-up thunderstorm. it will feel more humid but wednesday is the day where the humidity rises across the region. the a high of 87 and there's a chance of thunderstorms sweeping through at some point during the day. thursday through sunday, there's a chance of a spotty thunderstorm. >> coming up on "action news" at noon, the investigation into the plane crash in new england the aircraft had taken off from lancaster airport and smashed into the house hear what we know about the three people who died and what brought the plane down. "live" with kelly and michael is next. dennis leary and torrey kelly is on the show. i'm matt o'donnell. have a great monday and great week!
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new series, "sex&drugs&rock&roll," denis leary. and performing her big hit, "it should have been us,"er to turnover. plus, all week long, we're getting ready for the fourth of july. check out "live's stars and stripes games." all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now, here are your'emy award-winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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